Lines of Support

MMOPA Hotlines

Your first line of defense in handling airframe, engine, and other major component issues.

Technical Publications

The Piper source for parts catalogs and price lists, manuals and reports, service bulletins, and more.

Piper DSAs

Whether your aircraft is being serviced by a Piper Service Center or not, your regional Piper Distribution Service Advisor is one of the first resources to contact for assistance in resolving a Piper product support problem.

Piper Parts

Piper aftermarket parts support is provided by both Piper dealers and by Aviall.

MMOPA Ombudsman

The MMOPA Ombudsman is a designated individual authorized and charged by the Board of Directors to work directly with the manufacturers of the PA46 airframe, engines, and major components on behalf of the membership to resolve product support and customer service issues not being adequately addressed through normal channels.

RACE Initiative

MMOPA and Piper have developed this means for MMOPA members to submit input to the Piper RACE Team (Reliability of Aircraft and the Customer Experience) for the purpose of making product design changes that benefit the PA46 fleet. Take the time to fill out the RACE form. Your participation is appreciated.

Service Difficulty Reporting (SDR)

The FAA’s Service Difficulty Report (SDR) can improve product quality and operational safety by gathering data about chronic or significant component and system failures. SDR submissions are useful in two ways. They become part of the FAA database so that others with similar problems can benefit by seeing failure patterns, and they inform the FAA of failure situations that merit follow up with the manufacturer.

Service Centers

Identify yourself as a MMOPA member to the manager at the service facility nearest you and request a meeting to review your aircraft support issue.