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By: Jean-Marc Battyment
1982 Citation II
By: Jean-Marc Battyment

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NATA Appeals to Lawmakers To Keep Key Tax Measures

The National Air Transportation Association is urging tax negotiators on Capitol Hill to retain certain measures regarding expensing and aircraft management fee taxation as they hash out differences in the House and Senate versions of the…

Gateway to the future

Culling out underutilized instrument approach procedures isn’t as easy as counting operations and canceling the IAPs that don’t measure up: At some airports, those IAPs still meet a useful, if not easily quantifiable, safety or…

Training Tip: 'No unnecessary risk'

Ceilings are not expected to go down for several hours, but throughout the period there is a chance of marginal visibility and freezing rain from precipitation falling from the warm layer aloft into colder air at lower altitudes. A pilot…

The other side of the mountains

On the “other” side of the Tetons, you will find Teton Valley, Idaho, with its trout-laden Teton River. The view of the Tetons from the west is less dramatic because there are foothills in front of the big peaks, whereas in…

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